A Donkey's


A new work, with story and music written by Daniel. Set amidst the wild landscape of Connemara in the west of Ireland, it tells the heartwarming story of Dillon, an ordinary donkey with an extraordinary dream that takes him on a journey set to change his life. Accompanied by simple animation evocative of the 1970’s, it has been described as River Dance for donkeys!

The Snowman Tour

Since 2013, Carrot Productions has staged almost 250 performances of The Snowman with live orchestra, reaching over 200,000 people, and are the world’s leading performers of both The Snowman and Wallace & Gromit In Concert.


With a passion to innovate across many art forms, they commission a range of artists to create exciting new shows for families, always placing the orchestra at the forefront of the experience.


Performances take place in a wide variety of venues – from majestic Cathedrals to theatres, ballrooms to hospitals – aiming to make world-class performances available to all, and introducing thousands of children and adults to the wonder and delights of classical music.

Hiring this music

The music written and arranged by Daniel for The Snowman Tour is available for orchestras to hire from Carrot Productions. 

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Beach Bonfire

Paul's Tune

Daniel has created a beautiful orchestration of Paul Harvey’s improvised piano piece, released as a charity single on the 1st of November 2020

Beach Bonfire

Schooltime Showtime

A streamable package of Carrot Productions' The Showman Tour, including Daniel’s original compositions and arrangements, for schools to experience a professional Christmas show safely from school or home.

Beach Bonfire

About Daniel

Recent work includes: Schooltime Showtime (Carrot Productions) and Four Notes – Paul’s Tune for Paul Harvey, released as a charity single on the 1st of November 2020 (BBC Philharmonic)