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Daniel Whibley is a professional double bass player, composer and arranger. He has worked with some of the top orchestras in the U.K. and his playing has taken him around the world.

As a writer and arranger, Daniel’s music will be heard live by around 60,000 people this year as part of The Snowman Tour and Wallace & Gromit’s Musical Marvels. As well as writing for Aardman and Carrot Productions, Daniel is regularly commissioned by the BBC Philharmonic.

In the 1990s, whilst living and working in Dublin, Daniel worked with many famous film composers and played on a number of British and Hollywood films. He regularly worked with Elmer Bernstein, Randy Newman and George Fenton.

In 2006 Daniel was offered a position with the Hallé orchestra in Manchester. In 2011 he became a member of the BBC Philharmonic.

Daniel has been writing as long as he can remember but it was since joining the BBC that he started to receive commissions for various orchestral projects. This includes arranging for the family concerts, music for documentaries and Cbeebies.

As well as writing for the Philharmonic, Daniel also writes for Carrot Productions, a production company he and his wife, Rachel, founded in 2013. Carrot Productions are the world’s leading performers of The Snowman, playing to around 25,000 people each December.


Daniel creates works to be played alongside The Snowman film – often writing the narration as well as the score – with pieces such as his Christmas Overture becoming a perennial favourite in the BBC Philharmonic Christmas Concerts. This is the first time Daniel has offered his compositions widely. 

In 2018 Daniel was commissioned by Aardman to produce scores and parts for all four Wallace & Gromit films. Very few scores existed, and sometimes only with limited handwritten notes and cues from the original film sessions. He then went on to create material for the 2019 Wallace & Gromit Musical Marvels Tour.

Currently, Daniel is arranging music for the BBC including music for a Cbeebies concert at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and about to embark on music for Peter Pan to be performed in 2020. There are plans for his music to be performed in South Korea, Japan, Switzerland and beyond.


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